Angus T Jones net worth

Angus T Jones net worth

Net Worth: $15 million

About Angus T Jones

It has been announced that Angus T Jones net worth is around 15 million dollars. Moreover, he supposedly gets 350 thousand dollars for every episode he appears in. Thus the question of how much Angus T Jones makes for appearing in one episode of “Two and a Half Man” is finally answered. It also made him to be the youngest person to be so highly paid. If you start adding numbers, you will realize that if Angus T Jones gets 350 thousand

dollars for every episode, he gets 8.4 million dollars per season. Angus T Jones was born in Texas and he started his acting career in the 90s.

The little Angus T Jones appeared in many commercials before he even started attending kindergarten. These appearances set the base for the overall Angus T Jones net worth. After the success in TV commercials, he was chosen by many different directors to appear in films such as “Simpatico”, “See Spot Run”, “ER”, “Dinner With Friends”, “The Rookie”, “Bringing Down the House” and “George of the Jungle 2”. The appearances in these movies added huge amounts of money into the total amount of Angus T Jones net worth.

In 2003, he got a role in the TV series which made him a household name. It was “Two and a Half Man”, in which he played a role of Jake Harper and which made him popular and well paid young actor. What is even more interesting is that the producers of the TV show immediately casted him to perform the role of Jake Harper while he was still in audition. Moreover, he was the first child that the producers saw for the act of Jake Harper. Furthermore, Angus T Jones appeared in a television movie called “The Christmas Blessing” and he also was a guest star in the movie “Hannah Montana Forever”.

In addition to his career as an actor, he is also trying his skills in singing. Angus T Jones was born in 1993 and taking into consideration his age, Angus T Jones has achieved a lot for him being so young in the entertainment industry. Moreover, for his appearance in the “Two and a Half Man” the actor got two Young Artists Awards and also a TV Land Award. Such recognition and appreciation strengthens not only the self-esteem of the actor, but it also increases Angus T Jones net worth. Moreover, the actor is involved in many charities such as First Star Organization which is devoted to helping abused and neglected children.


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