Anderson Silva net worth

Anderson Silva net worth

Net Worth: $10 million

About Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva net worth has been announced to reach a huge amount of sum – 10 million dollars. Anderson Silva, who was born in Brazil, is better known to the public as a fighter of mixed-martial arts. Moreover, he is the champion of UFC Middleweight. In addition to that, he is the all time record hitter. He holds numerous records, such as the longest winning streak in all the history of UFC and the longest reigning champion. Talking about the latter one, he holds the title of the champion for over five years now.

Such accomplishments also bring huge sums of money into the total amount of Anderson Silva net worth. Anderson Silva, who is also known as the Spider, was born in 1975. In addition to the records mentioned above, the fighter also holds the record of defense streak in UFC history. All in all, Anderson Silva has 14 consecutive winnings and 9 title defenses. According to numerous magazines and publications, currently Anderson Silva is the number one amongst all fighters of the Middleweight.

According to ESPN, Yahoo Sports, Sherdog and some other publications, Anderson Silva also holds the first position in pound-for-pound category of fighters all around the world. This also adds to the overall Anderson Silva net worth. One of the most popular and important persons in the field the president of UFC Dana White called the fighter “the greatest mixed martial artist ever”. Moreover, talking more about his titles, Anderson Silva is a former champion of Shooto Middleweight and the last champion of Cage Rage Middleweight competition. In addition to all of these championships and titles, the fighter participated in many other championships and competitions including the Pride Fighting Championship, Shooto and Rumble on the Rock competitions.

In 2006, Anderson Silva won Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt, a winning which is not so well known to the public. His interest in fighting became to rise quite early. When he was eight years old, Anderson Silva started training in martial arts. By the time he was 18 years old, the fighter earned a black belt and already mastered skills of Tae kwon do. Talking more about his belt winnings, Anderson Silva won black belt in Judo and also a yellow rope in Capoeira. Furthermore, another detail from his career not well known to the public is the fact that Anderson Silva at first was fighting in Brazilian teams in the welterweight categories. His ability to master his fighting skills are really impressive and it guarantees Anderson Silva net worth to increase year after year.


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