Anderson Cooper net worth

Anderson Cooper net worth

Net Worth: $100 million

About Anderson Cooper

People who are interested in the mass media and popular culture usually speculate what is the estimate of Anderson Cooper net worth. The question was answered recently and it has been revealed that his net worth reaches 100 million dollars. Moreover, Anderson Cooper salary per year is 11 million dollars. To the public,

Anderson Cooper is known as a talk show host, television personality, author and a writer. Thus, Anderson Cooper net worth comes from different sources, mainly related to journalism.

Furthermore, he is known as a host on the CNN TV show called “Anderson Cooper 360”. Talking about his family relations, Anderson Cooper is a son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt and his great-great-great-grandfather is Cornelius Vanderbilt. For those who do not know him, it has to be mentioned that Cornelius Vanderbilt is the owner of the Vanderbilt shipping and railroad fortune. When Anderson Cooper was 10, he used to be modeling for the Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren collections and he continued to work with them till he became 13 years old.

However, the experience in modeling career set him the base for the total Anderson Cooper net worth. When he finished high school, the TV host entered Yale University, where he studied Political Science and International Relations. When he was in college, he spent his summers in the CIA, where he got an internship. Also, Anderson Cooper was forced to undergo some challenging and sad situations in his life. When he was still young, his father died and his brother committed suicide.

These unhappy situations led to Anderson Cooper to choose journalism as his career, which was a really fortunate step in his life. One of the interesting facts of his life is that after studying years at Yale University, he moved to live in Vietnam where the star studied the Vietnamese language at the University of Hanoi. Moreover, Anderson Cooper was selected to work in the Channel One as a fact checker and also he sold his home-made news segments to Channel One. While being in Vietnam, Anderson Cooper started filming short reports about Vietnamese culture and life, which were aired on the Channel One news. His television career kicked off when he was chosen to work as a correspondent for the ABC News in 1995. It was this job which started his serious TV host career and this is why Anderson Cooper net worth is one of the highest amongst all television people.


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