Allen Iverson net worth

Allen Iverson net worth

Net Worth: $1 million

About Allen Iverson

It has been announced that Allen Iverson net worth is -1 million dollars. Allen Iverson is originally from Virginia and is a basketball player, who was drafted in 1996 by the Philadelphia 76ers. In addition to that, Allen Iverson became and 11 time NBA all star. What is known to the public is that Allen Iverson is notorious for being a controversial

person in both on field and off field. Moreover, Allen Iverson used to be involved in many crimes and offences. In fact, the basketball player was recruited by John Thompson, who is a Georgetown University head coach, directly from the jail. Allen Iverson was arrested because of the fight he got involved in some bar.

However, John Thompson assured the judges that Allen Iverson has to be released from prison and he promised that Allen Iverson would play basketball in his spare time and graduate from school. But Allen Iverson attended the university rarely and finally left it against Thompson’s wish. Luckily, he did not got involved into other fights but started a successful career as a point guard in NBA, which also added some revenue to the total amount of Allen Iverson net worth. When the end of his career was approaching, Allen Iverson was shunned by NBA teams in America and had to lace up for the Turkish Basketball League and also Euro Cup.

Between 1998 and 2005, Allen Iverson was in the top of the score four and he is in the second position for scoring in game with Michael Jordan being above him. However, the most unsuccessful part is that Allen Iverson net worth is -1 million dollars. The question here is how that happened. His all bank accounts were taken away from him because of his claims that he was flat broke. This was very shocking if you take into consideration the fact that during all his basketball career years, he earned 155 million dollars.

Moreover, his endorsement deals made the sum even higher with 30-40 million dollars. Another reason why the basketball player is broke is because he used to waste his money all the time on traveling, expensive presents for family and friends. He recently got a check which demanded to pay off some jewelry which he gave to his mother. The check he has to pay is around 1 million dollars. Thus, it is really unfortunate that Allen Iverson net worth was wasted so fast in a little amount of time and now the star is left broke with constant visits to judge’s office and courts.


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