Alki David net worth

Alki David net worth

Net Worth: $2 billion

About Alki David

One of the richest entrepreneurs of today Alki David net worth has been estimated to reach almost 2 billion dollars. In addition to his entrepreneurial career, Alki David is also an actor, screen writer, film producer and director. Born in 1968, Alki David is of Nigerian origin. The entrepreneur whose real name is Alkiviades David is the owner of companies such as Battlecam, FilmOn and

He has also made some appearances on the big screen. He was a regular star on UK TV and also acted in the movie called “The Bank Job”. In the film, Alki David was chosen to portray the role of a bank expert who was hired to help in an affair of the bank heist. In addition, he also appeared in the movie called “Fishtales” in which he not only appeared but also directed and produced. Although he was born in Nigeria, Alki David spent quite a lot of time in Switzerland, where he also got his education. His father was known as one of the owners of “Coca Cola Beverages” companies. Alki David spent time in serving in British Army. After that, he enrolled into Royal College of Art established in London where he attended film classes. After his graduation, Alki David moved to live to California, where he worked in a film post-production company, which he enjoyed a lot. It brought first sums of money to the overall amount of Alki David net worth.
However, in 1998 he decided to move to London. There, he founded a modeling agency called “Independent Models”. A lot of high profile models belong to that company such as Helena Christensen.
Talking about his personal life, Alki David was married two times. Also, he has two sons from his first marriage. With one of his ex-wives Jennifer Stano he even established a modeling agency in California which was called “Have Faith Swimwear” in 2010 and it was one of the most important sources of Alki David net worth.
However, to some people he is only known as the heir of his father’s company Coca Cola Hellenic shipping although Alki David has reached a lot on his own. In addition to his companies Battlecam, FilmOn and, Alki David is the owner of KILM Channel 64 Los Angeles and My Combat Channel. Thus, his companies as well as a career in cinema industry bring millions of dollars to Alki David net worth.

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