Alicia Keys net worth

Alicia Keys net worth

Net Worth: $45 million

About Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys net worth has been announced to be 45 million dollars. Most of her incomes come from her careers as an actress, singer and songwriter. Alicia Keys was born and grew up in one of the Manhattan neighborhoods and was raised by her single mother. Moreover, when she was only four years old, Alicia Keys was already involved into entertainment industry.

She appeared on the TV show called “The Cosby Show”. Also, at the same time she showed her talent as a genius piano player and was enrolled into the elite Professional Performance Arts School which she was able to finish when she was 16 years old. Most of the people who knew her already were speculating that the singer is going to be very successful and Alicia Keys net worth would increase a lot in a couple of years. However, Alicia Keys left college in order to seek her career as a singer. Thus, she had a brief encounter with Columbia and Artista Records Company but finally Alicia Keys signed a contract with J Records.

In 2001, her first album was released to the music stores and it was entitled “Songs in a Minor”. The album was very successful. It landed in the 1st position on the Billboard 200 Chart and also was sold 12 million copies of it all around the world. Also, the album was the one for which Alicia Keys received five Grammy Awards. It also increased Alicia Keys net worth big time. Other of her albums entitled “The Diary of Alicia Keys” and “As I Am” also hit the Billboard 200 Album Chart and both of them were certified multi-platinum. Overall, Alicia Keys has had five singles which landed in the 1st position in the R&B charts in the United States.

In addition to that, ten of her singles have reached number 1 position in many other charts globally. Talking about collaborations with other artists, she has worked with such huge stars as Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston. Such collaborations brought quite a lot of revenue to the both sides, including Alicia Keys net worth. In addition to her singing career, Alicia Keys has also appeared in numerous TV shows such as “American Dreams”, “Charmed” and “The Backyardigans”. Also, she was offered supporting roles in films such as “The Nanny Diaries” and “The Secret Lives of Bees”. Thus, it can be concluded that the biggest part of Alicia Keys net worth comes from acting and singing.


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