Alex Rodriguez net worth

Alex Rodriguez net worth

Net Worth: $300 million

About Alex Rodriguez

One of the most interesting questions in the circuit of Hollywood rumors is what the estimate of Alex Rodriguez net worth is. Thus, it has been announced that his net worth reaches 300 million dollars. Moreover, Alex Rodriguez annual salary is said to be around 33 million dollars. Alex Rodriguez is known to the public as a professional American baseball player, who does his art very successfully.

Moreover, he is regarded to be one of the best paid athletes of all time. This can be proven by the fact that he earned more than 325 million dollars in salary alone during his career, which also adds to the overall amount of Alex Rodriguez net worth. Now the baseball player plays third base in New York Yankees. Before that, Alex Rodriguez played shortstop for the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners teams. When he was just a little boy, his father bought him a rubber ball and plastic bat and little Alex Rodriguez really enjoyed playing it.

His father spotted the son’s talent soon and he realized that this might be his career for living and not only a hobby, thus he encouraged Alex Rodriguez to get involved into baseball sports. When he was living in Miami, Alex Rodriguez liked to play baseball with friends all the time and later he joined youth league baseball team. Soon, baseball became the player’s main obsession and his entire life. Alex Rodriguez joined Boys and Girls Club, where he was the one who led the team to the National Title in the championships. In addition to that, the baseball player continued to be involved in this sport when he attended the private school Westminster Christian. The school was known to have one of the best Florida’s baseball programs and the beginning in that school led to the high Alex Rodriguez net worth which he has today.

Also, before his graduation, many Major League scouts were interested into signing Alex Rodriguez with their teams. Finally, the player was drafted by The Mariners and was reported to spring training in 1994. Moreover, Alex Rodriguez was only the third 18 year old who got the position as a shortstop in baseball history since 1900. While he played for The Mariners, he broke many various records and led the team to National titles. However, in 2000 he left the team in order to play for The Texas Rangers. Alex Rodriguez net worth is supposed to be one of the highest amongst different athletes and his ability to join the right team also adds to it.


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