Al Pacino net worth

Al Pacino net worth

Net Worth: $135 million

About Al Pacino

Probably the most popular man in Hollywood Al Pacino net worth is said to be 135 million dollars. Al Pacino whose real name is Alfredo James Pacino is an American actor, who appeared in a lot of movies both on screen and stage. Al Pacino was born in Manhattan in 1940. In his young days, his parents got divorced and he had to move with his mother to live with his grandparents.

At that time, Al Pacino did not like to attend school at all. However, school plays were the area where he could express himself and run away from his daily sadness because of his parents divorce. Finally, after performing in several school plays, Al Pacino decided to be actor in his future and probably at that time nobody could have thought that Al Pacino net worth would be as high as it is right now. However, at first his choice did not seem like a lucky one. In the beginning of it, he usually felt depressed and being always in a poverty.

At that time, Al Pacino met his acting coach Lee Strasberg who helped him to enroll into big screen performances. The meeting with Lee Strasberg led him to recognition and finally he got roles into some major movies for which he is known today and, of course, it increased the overall amount of Al Pacino net worth. His first debut film was called “Me, Natalie” which was released in 1969. Soon after, he got a role in the film entitled “The Panic in Needle Park”. The role in that film made him quite known and the appearance led him to be chosen by Francis Ford Coppola in his move to act as Michael Corleon. For this part, he also got first time nominated in the Oscar Awards.

After that, Al Pacino was chosen to act in classic films such as “Serpico”, “And Justice for All” and “Dog Day Afternoon”. However, when the 80s came, Al Pacino realized that 70s treated him much better. However, after some time success came back to him and he got a role in the movie called “Scarface” where he played a role of Tony Montana. The film was a box office success and it also became a legendary movie. After his successful appearance in the “Scarface”, Al Pacino got roles in films such as “Dick Tracey”, “Scent of a Woman”, “Any Given Sunday” and “Insomnia”. All the roles in these movies were really successful and it increased the amount of Al Pacino net worth as well.


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