Akon net worth

Akon net worth

Net Worth: $80 million

About Akon

One of the most popular persons in the music world Akon net worth is thought to be 80 million dollars. Akon is the son of the popular percussionist named Mor Thiam. Akon whose real name is Aliaune Thiam was born in Missouri. However, in his childhood and teenage years, he moved from one place to another. He spent most of his

youth days in the West African country of Senegal and also in America.

When the singer was fifteen years old, he moved to live to New Jersey. In fact, during his youth days, Akon was from time to time involved in many crimes while finally he decided to be involved into music and pursue for a musician’s career. Obviously, his choice was really successful, which is manifested in Akon net worth. Akon was signed with the record label called “Universal” and later he released his first music album called “Trouble” in 2004. Moreover, Akon established his own record label which was called “Konvict Muzik” and which is a child-company of the “Universal”. The singer released his second and third albums under his own record label “Konvict Muzik”. Those albums were entitled “Konvicted” and “Freedom”.

In addition, Akon has collaborated with many other famous artists such as Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston and Gwen Stefani. Overall, it has been counted that Akon has had around 300 successful collaborations with many music artists. In addition to his music career, Akon also tried to be successful in cinema and it went really well. He produced some reality shows and worked in some movie releases. All these activities for sure have added to the overall amount of Akon net worth. In 2007, he even launched his own clothing line called “Konvict Clothing”. Talking about rewards for his career, Akon received Artist of the Year award in the Billboard Music Awards in 2007 and he also got an American Music Award.

Akon as a solo artist reached the number one twice on Billboard charts and as a collaborator with other artists, he hit the Hot 100 list with 40 song entries. Thus, it is obvious that such a huge star should earn a lot every year. According to Forbes, his annual salary was 21 million in 2010, 20 million in 2009 and 12 million in 2008. As the numbers indicate, his salary is growing each year, which might also imply that Akon net worth is going to grow, too, with him being involved in many different spheres of the music and cinema business.

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