Adrian Grenier net worth

Adrian Grenier net worth

Net Worth: $15 million

About Adrian Grenier

One of the most sought after Hollywood people Adrian Grenier net worth has an estimate of around 15 million dollars. Most of his net worth comes from his careers as an actor, a singer and a movie director. Born in New Mexico, the United States, Adrian Grenier has been involved into music and he was a member of two bands from New York. Moreover, the star has acted and directed many films shown on the big screen in cinema theatres on also on the TV. To the public, he is also known as a star from the TV show called “Entourage”.

The actor has been said to get around 200 thousand dollars for every episode he appears in, which increases Adrian Grenier net worth a lot. Born in 1976, Adrian Grenier portrays a role of Vincent Chase in the “Entourage” which is broadcasted on the HBO channel. The TV show is a big hit in the United States, which means that a huge part of Adrian Grenier net worth comes directly from it. Although the star was born in New Mexico, he grew up in New York mostly with the care of his mother, who was involved into real estate business.

His parents were never married and his father was away from the family a lot. Talking about his origin, Adrian Grenier is party Mexican, partly European. Adrian Grenier debuted on the big screen in 1997, when he appeared in the movie called “Arresting Gena”. As the time passed, he got more and more offers to act. He was selected to appear in the movie called “Drive Me Crazy” together with Melissa Joan Hart. In addition, Adrian Grenier was chosen to act in one of the biggest stars in the world Britney Spears’ music video of her song “You Drive Me Crazy”. “Harvard Man” was another film which featured Adrian Grenier in 2001.

The movie was directed by James Toback, who enjoyed working with the star. As mentioned before, Adrian Grenier is also pursuing a career in directing. The first film he directed was a documentary called “Shot in the Dark”. The documentary was considered biographical because it portrayed Adrian Grenier’s attempt to find his father whom he never had a chance to know. The documentary was aired on the HBO channel in 2007 summer and it gained a lot of views. However, he is still mostly known as an actor from “Entourage” which is considered to be the main source of Adrian Grenier net worth.


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