Adam Lambert net worth

Adam Lambert net worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Adam Lambert

One of the most popular singers and actors who are loved by teenagers all around the world Adam Lambert net worth has been stated to have an estimate of 5 million dollars, which also makes him one of the richest young stars across the globe. In addition to his career as a singer and an actor, Adam Lambert net worth also comes from other activities such as writing songs for himself and other artists. Born in 1982, Adam Lambert whose full name is Adam Mitchel Lambert has origins in Jewish and Norwegian although he was born in Indianapolis and grew up in San Diego.

Adam Lambert decided to become a stage performer after he successfully appeared in various productions and theater appearances while still being a child and later a teenager. When he started to attend college, he soon quitted it because Adam Lambert decided to concentrate on acting and singing and toured all across the United States aspiring his dream to become a well known artist, which today brings huge sums of money to the overall amount of Adam Lambert net worth.

However, it was not until he appeared on the TV show “American Idol” when all people started recognizing him. Adam Lambert participated on the 8th season of the show and immediately got much affection from the judges of the show and also from the audience. However, he did not win the shop but became the runner up. Nevertheless, Adam Lambert launched his career as a singer and in 2009 released his first music album entitled “For Your Entertainment”. The album was a huge success. 198 thousand copies of it were sold during its first week of release in the United States and alone and it also reached the 3rd position in the Billboard 200 chart. Moreover, the album hit the top 10 in various charts all around the world. Singles from the album including “For Your Entertainment”, “If I Had You” and “Whataya Want From Me” also were very successful with placing in the top 10 on different charts. In addition, soon after Adam Lambert made a tour all across the United States and it was called “Glam Nation”.

Adam Lambert became the only one contestant from the TV show “American Idol” who went on touring after one year of participating on the show. The tour was a huge hit in the United States and it brought millions of dollars to the overall amount of Adam Lambert net worth.


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